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MEAM Dog DaysOctober 7, 2017
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Our Goals

Animal Movement is a social platform gathering animal lovers from around the world to join forces towards a better society. An it’s because we share the same world that we believe that we all must have our rights, humans and non-humans alike.

Animals gave us a lot already, and they keep giving us without even having to ask for it. Let’s try to give them back with some gratitude and compromise, promoting and carrying out projects to improve our coexistence and create a much integrated society.

From huge projects to daily acts we support all the attitudes that help us to promote societies where the coexistence and the defense of animal rights become a reality.

We Need You!

Animal Movement wants to make a change in animal rights. We know we can do it, but we can’t do it without you. We live in a society where your voice needs to be loud to be listen, so we need to join forces for the voiceless, and speak loud.

If we reach 1.000.000 members, our community will be a voice to be heard, and all together we will be able to make a real change towards a fairer society with humans and non-humans alike.

Make a difference today.  Join ANIMAL MOVEMENT!